Donation Request

Donation Request
Product donations are an important aspect of Oak Farms Dairy's community involvement. Our product donation program offers items such as Milk, Fruit Juice, and more. In order to be considered for a product donation, your organization must meet the requirements listed below. If your organization meets these requirements, you may submit a request for donation via our online Donation Application Form.
We no longer accept e-mail or phone requests for product donations. Management reviews all donation requests. Oak Farms will notify you within 7 business days as to whether your request has been approved or denied.

Requirements for Product Donations:

  • The organization must be an IRS-qualified 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, a public school with a valid NCES number, or a local organization. All applications are required to provide a valid US Federal Tax ID # or 12 digit NCES number.

  • Donation requests must be made at least 3 weeks prior to the desired pick-up date

  • The donated product can only be used to support our primary missions which are Hunger Relief, Kids, Healthy Living and Community Involvement.

  • Only one donation per organization, per calendar year.

  • The recipient of the donated product must have the means to keep the product refrigerated or frozen, as to eliminate potential for spoilage.

  • Product donations must be picked up at a date/time agreed upon by Oak Farms and organization. The date/time will be determined during notification of an approved product donation request.

Solicitor/Organization Information

All information requested is required unless otherwise noted.

Event Information

Product Request

Maximum donation - 6 cases (50 half pints per case / 20 pints per case)